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Tubular condenser cleaning method

1. Physical cleaning method: the fixed tube plate type can be flushed with a water pump brush, if it is a core-pulling type, that is, a floating head type, the tube bundle can be drawn out for flushing.
2. Chemical cleaning: Method When the scale is changed from loose to dense and hard, mechanical cleaning can no longer achieve the purpose of cleaning the scale. At this time, pickling should be used. Hydrochloric acid can easily dissolve calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate scale without preheating, so the pickling liquid is generally a normal temperature hydrochloric acid solution. Although pickling can loosen the scale and restore the normal state of the cooler surface, hydrochloric acid has a corrosive effect on the cooling copper pipe. In order to protect the wall of the cooler from the corrosion of hydrochloric acid, additives must be added to the pickling solution, that is, substances that strongly retard the metal dissolution process. The additive we choose is benzotriazole, that is, BC-801 water stabilizer, with a concentration of about 3%. According to experience, if the mechanical cleaning can be carried out on time, the pickling can be carried out 2a-3a once; on the contrary, the pickling should be carried out once a year.

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