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Air-water heat exchanger

Product description
The gas-water heat exchanger is divided into three types: carbon steel tube and tube exchanger, stainless steel tube and tube exchanger, and carbon steel and stainless steel mixed tube and tube exchanger. According to the form, they are divided into fixed tube plate type, floating head type, and U type. Tubular heat exchangers are divided into single-tube pass, double-tube pass and multi-tube pass according to their structure. The heat transfer area is 0.5-1500m², which can be customized according to user needs.
Air-water heat exchanger mainly refers to heat exchange equipment with air-water as the medium. The gas-water heat exchanger can also be called the gas-water heat exchanger or the gas-water heat exchange equipment, followed by the water-water heat exchanger and the oil-gas heat exchanger in addition to the gas-water heat exchanger. It has a wide range of applications, not only in production, but also in the chemical industry and daily life, and has been continuously recognized and favored by users.
Technical parameter
Diameter(mm) Effective length(m) Heat transfer area(m2 Operating temperature(℃) Work pressure(MPa)
400 1.2-2.6 3.37-8.07 200 0.6
500 1.6-3.0 7.9-14.9 200 0.6
650 1.8-3.2 14.2-25.3 200 0.6
800 1.8-3.2 23.0-40.8 200 0.6

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