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Spray saturator

Product description
The main material of the spray saturator is 316L. This product is used in the thiamine section of the coking plant and is the main equipment for the production of large particles of thiamine in the thiamine section. The spray saturator is a deamination equipment used in the process of purifying coal in the production of coal gas and coal gas produced in coking plants. It solves the problem of deamination, deacidification, and ammonium sulfate crystallization in the separate equipment in the previous gas purification process. It has a large area, poor deamination effect, and poor ammonium sulfate crystallization effect. This saturator is composed of upper shell, inner simplified, acid pipe, gas inlet pipe, mother liquor inlet pipe, mother liquor cavity, mother liquor nozzle, gas outlet pipe, warm water pipe, overflow pipe, lower pipe, mother liquor outlet pipe, crystallization The slurry extraction pipe, the discharge pipe, the mother liquor return pipe, the downcomer, and the support are composed, and the upper shell and the inner simplified form are combined to form a left and right volute type cavity structure. The advantage is that the saturated apparatus integrates deamination, deacidification mist, and ammonium sulfate crystallization, compact structure, small floor space, and no secondary pollution caused by dehydrogenation and desulfurization.

Structural features
1. The spray chamber is composed of a main body, an outer sleeve and an inner sleeve. After the gas enters the main body, it flows downwards in the annular chamber between the main body and the outer sleeve, and then exits the spray chamber from above, and then enters the outer sleeve and the outer sleeve in the tangential direction. Rotate between the inner sleeves down to enter the inner sleeve and exit from the top. Cyclone separation is formed between the outer sleeve and the inner sleeve to remove the liquid droplets entrained by the gas and act as an acid remover.
2. Set up a mother liquor full flow pipe in the lower part of the spray chamber to control the liquid level in the lower part of the spray chamber to promote gas flow in the annular chamber from the inlet to the outlet.
3. Two arc-shaped distribution boxes are divided between the gas inlet and the gas outlet, and multiple sets of nozzles are arranged in the arc-shaped distribution box, and the nozzle direction is facing the gas flow to form a good gas-liquid contact surface.
4. The lower part of the spray chamber is a crystallization tank, which is connected with the crystallization tank by a downcomer. The circulating mother liquor returns from the bottom of the crystallization tank through the downcomer. The continuously generated ammonium sulfate nuclei passes through the upwardly moving suspended ammonium sulfate The mother liquor promotes the growth of crystals and causes particle classification. Small particles rise to the top and are connected to the circulation pump from the upper outlet, and the crystals are drawn from the lower part.
5. There is a mother liquor spraying device at the gas outlet. Both the gas inlet and outlet are equipped with warm water spraying devices, which can clean the spraying chamber more thoroughly.

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