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Features of spray saturator

1. The spray chamber is composed of a body, an outer sleeve and an inner sleeve. A cyclone separator is formed between the outer sleeve and the inner sleeve to remove the acid mist droplets entrained in the coal gas and act as an acid remover;
2. Two arc-shaped distribution boxes are divided between the gas inlet and the gas outlet, and nozzles are arranged in the boxes, and the nozzles are all facing the gas flow to form a good air flow contact surface;
3. The lower part of the spray chamber is a crystallization classification tank. The spray chamber is connected with the crystallization classification tank by a downcomer. The circulating mother liquor returns from the bottom of the crystallization classification tank through the downcomer to continuously generate ammonium sulfate crystals through the upward moving Suspend the mother liquor of ammonium sulfate to promote crystal growth and cause particle classification;
4. A mother liquor full-flow pipe is set in the lower part of the spray chamber to control the liquid level in the lower part of the spray chamber to promote gas flow in the annular chamber from the inlet to the outlet.
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