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The principle of electromagnetic heating stainless steel reactor cracking

At present, domestic traditional reactor manufacturing can meet the basic needs, but it has the disadvantages of aging structure, low intelligence, poor operability, high energy consumption, and low efficiency. It can no longer fully meet the new needs of industry development. The traditional heating method is Electric furnace or thermal oil circulation heating is essentially medium heat transfer.
However, the heat transfer direction and rate of the medium are not controllable, and the use effect is not ideal. The heating time is longer. It takes 4 or 5 hours for short and 8, 9 hours for long, which seriously affects production efficiency and consumes a lot of electric energy. , Increase production costs of enterprises. Moreover, the heat transfer has hysteresis, and the precision control of temperature is not ideal, which affects the product quality.
So what is the principle of electromagnetic heating stainless steel reactor? Electromagnetic heating is a technology that uses the principle of electromagnetic induction to convert electrical energy into heat. The high-speed changing current generates countless small eddy currents in the metal body through the coil, which makes the heated object itself heat at high speed.
Combining the structural characteristics of the reactor itself, the electromagnetic coil is used to form a high-frequency alternating eddy current inside the reactor body, which can generate a large amount of heat energy inside the reactor body in a short time to achieve the heating effect.
Since the electromagnetic heating stainless steel reactor was put on the market, it has been widely welcomed by users. In terms of social benefits, electromagnetic heating reactors can replace imported products, enabling domestic customers to use economical products, and enabling customers to stop low-efficiency and high-cost production.
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